Mineral wool Knauf Omnifit Slab 35 50mm (1200x600)

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Stone wool Rockwool GRANROCK SUPER

Stone wool Rockwool GRANROCK SUPER


GRANROCK SUPER stone wool granulate is designed for the blowing-in method. It is used where it is impossible or difficult to install slabs or mats.

2-4 weeks


Thermal conductivity λD 0,037-0,042 W/mK
Density 25-65 kg/m3
Fire classification A1
Susceptibility to settlement of material in the loose state <5%
Fibre thermal resistance *NPD
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Dimensions and packing

Weight of 1 bag
Number of bags per pallet
Pallet weight
Number of pallets on the vehicle
[pcs.] / [m2]
Full truckload delivery
20 12 240 64 15 360


Pallet dimensions 1200 x 840 x 1330 [mm]
Pallet weight 240 [kg]
Number of pallets on a STANDARD truck 64
Can pallets be stacked YES

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Stone wool Rockwool GRANROCK SUPER

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